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Contract Request & Authoring

Raise contract requests, draft contracts using The Legal Capsule’s in-built editor. Create automated templates of frequently used Contracts. Set questions as input fields for parties to input information into the contract.


Collaborate with teams & Counter parties, Negotiate clauses.

Edit, red-line, comment and track changes made to the contract. Negotiate clauses with counter parties without any dependency on third party applications. Maintain version control of all drafts & compare them in the same platform.


E-signatures & E-stamping

Electronically execute contracts using legally binding signatures. Set reminders for Parties to sign contracts within the required timelines. Invite parties to sign contracts with a shareable link. Ensuring complete safety by tracking several parameters of the signatories including face capture, IP address, location besides just the signature. All provided for in an Audit trail document.


Never miss a renewal or deadline.Keep track of Obligations and Compliance.

Store all your legal contracts in the cloud. Easily retrieve them at any point of time by deep search filters.

Why Clients Love The Legal Capsule?

Data Security

The Legal Capsule is ISO 27001 Certified with AES 256 bit encryption. That secures all the contracts deployed in the Cloud which are accessible anytime, anywhere!

Easily Accessible Online Support & training

Assured support to every User making the journey friendly and easy. Do not get stuck on the ticketing system or only email support. We ensure that you execute contracts just within your timelines and at ease.

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