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1. Streamlined Contract Authoring

Draft contracts using expert-curated legally dependable templates from our Template Library. Build personalised template library. Or just raise contract request to get your customised draft.


2. Controlled Workflow Automate

Be the Admin. Set approvers for every workflow. Ensure specific workflows do not slip away for signing without approval of relevant approvers.


3. Absolute Contract Compliance

Stay ahead on compliance. Label payments and other obligatory clauses in your contracts. Be email-notified on the deadlines and priorities you affix.


4. Uncluttered Data Storage and Extraction

Safely store all your contracts in our cloud repository. Retrieve stored data with ease using comprehensive search filters. Efficiently re-use retrieved data to draft new contracts.


5. Centralised Task Management

Independently spearhead all your teams. Be the Admin, assign To-Do Lists, allocate priorities, impose deadlines for every team.


6. Convenient Teamwork

Effortlessly collaborate, co-draft, communicate with your team members to draft contracts. Securely share details within our all-in-one platform. Avert risk, hassle of third-party applications.


Automating contracts for all Teams


A legal team deals with everything and anything legal in the company. This includes contract reviews, execution compliance, mergers, disputes...

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Information Technology

The IT sector is a field that is going through rapid evolution and shaping important business decisions across the world. Digitization due to information...

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Human Resources

Human resource or HR is a division of a business that is tasked with finding, screening, recruiting, and assigning contracts to employees...

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A sales team is a department in a company whose primary goal is to meet the sales goal and drive the revenue of a company....

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Procurement teams are tasked with obtaining goods or services for your business projects....

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Why Clients Love The Legal Capsule?

The Legal Capsule is ISO 27001 Certified with AES 256 bit encryption. That secures all the contracts deployed in the Cloud which are accessible anytime, anywhere!

Assured support to every User making the journey friendly and easy. Do not get stuck on the ticketing system or only email support. We ensure that you execute contracts just within your timelines and at ease.

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Our Achievements

Winner of Microsoft's Emerge X programme - Highway to a 100 Unicorns. Only Woman founded startup in India.

Selected for TiE Global Pitch presentation , Dubai

Selected for Google Launchpad programme at Bengaluru, November 2018

Finalists-Top 30 out of 500 Startups Dell Startups Challenge 2020.

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