Manual Contract Management Versus Automated Contract Lifecycle Management System by The Legal Capsule

Manual contract Management is hands down one of the most unfriendly environment practices because it involves the use of tonnes of paper.

Also, Manual Processes involved in managing contracts leave lots of room for mistakes due to simple human errors like miscommunication and forgetfulness.

Save Time and Money! Automate your Workflow

Manually, it could take you a minimum of 4 to 5 Days to create a Contract.

Managing contracts is a pretty time-consuming affair! Organisations encounter an ever-increasing amount of pressure to reduce costs and improve company performance.

Did you know Not managing contracts efficiently, can cost businesses up to 9.2% of annual revenue??

With the Contract Lifecycle Management Solution by The Legal Capsule, create contracts/documents in minutes! Consolidate all the processes and contracts in one place and save time!

Focus more on strategic and productive work for a spike in your revenue, and less on completing manual tasks such as filing, printing, posting, and not to forget, running around to locate documents/contracts!!

Speed up the Signing Process, Go Digital!

Getting a document signed manually adds to the burden. This process is dependent on the physical presence of the signatories/parties to the contract and most notably there is exchange of PAPER!

Sign all your contracts legally on one single platform by using any of the 3 ultimate electronic signing solutions by The Legal Capsule.

 Virtual Signatures

  Aadhaar based E-Signature

 DSC Token based E-Signature

Contract Renewal Alerts!

It is impossible to keep a track of when your contracts need to be renewed because once a company grows, the number of contracts grows as well into the thousands or even more than that.

Automated Renewal Alerts by The Legal Capsule will tell you when a contract needs to be renewed much before their deadlines!

Clause Library and Agreement Templates

Poorly worded contracts can have a huge impact on your business and may also lead to a change in relations with key customers/clients.

It can also impact your organisations forecasted or actual revenue.

The Legal Capsule offers a massive Clause Library and a variety of Agreement Templates tailored for your organisation, which means you will never be running the risk of non-compliance or missing out an important clause.

All of this on one single platform without having to break your heads over drafting and looking for the right legal jargons!

Cloud-Based Security by The Legal Capsule

Cloud security protects and secures your documents against all-natural disasters or theft as all the information is confidentially saved on the cloud.

Legal Support to get your Contracts Reviewed

Getting a lawyer to review or look over a contract you are signing with another party, is an extremely valuable process owing to the years of experience the lawyer brings along to guide you.

At the same this, this is yet another a costly affair for your business.

Get your contracts instantly reviewed by the legal team of The Legal Capsule and never worry about engaging an attorney!