Contracts Life-Cycle Management

Contract Creation

Content Drafting

Creation of the content of the contract by inserting party details, purpose, objective, date, place, clauses etc.

Use Pre-defined Templates

Usage of pre-drafted templates of The Legal Capsule for creation of the contract.

Save Drafts

User can save drafts for future use on The Legal Capsule portal.


Parties to a contract can review the terms of a contract meticulously.


In the circumstance where certain parties to a contract have some discrepancies, parties can carry out the negotiation of the clauses in the contract.


Once all parties are satisfied with the terms of the contract, the parties can proceed with execution of the contract.

Execution Process

E-Stamp Procurement

Procure E-Stamp for the contracts on The Legal Capsule Portal.

Document Signing

Approved contract is sent to all parties including witnesses if any for signing. Parties to contract can sign the contract electronically in any preferred mode on The Legal Capsule portal.

Company Seal

Parties can affix company seal on the contract for additional authenticity.

Audit Trail Report

Each contract executed on The Legal Capsule portal will have an Audit Trail Report which will consist of all the details pertaining to the creation and execution of the contract.

Delivery of Executed Contract

Post execution of the contract by all parties to the contract, the soft copy of the contract shall be sent via email. The soft copy is a valid contract in the eyes of law.


Cloud Storage

Documents are securely stored on the cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure making them accessible anytime and anywhere.
Document can be retrieved using the search option and viewed whenever required.


The Legal Capsule is ISO 27001:2013 certified. The contracts executed on the Legal Capsule portal are secured with AES 256 bit CBC encryption.

Contract Renewal Alerts

Automatic renewal alerts for contracts whose validity is close to expiry.

Renewal and Amendment of Contracts

Documents can be renewed and amended directly from The Legal Capsule portal.

Mediation for Disputes

Contractual disputes can be resolved using services of Empanelled Mediators at The Legal Capsule.