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It is a legal document made to envisage the website and its owner’s manner in which they shall exercise control over the information collected by them from the people who visit their websites and their related website links, advertisements etc.

Importance of a Privacy Policy

It is one of the most important documents of a website as it mentions the manner in which the owners of the website shall use the information of the visitors to the website for their own purposes.

Benefits of executing a Privacy Policy

  • The agreement is a written record.
  • The agreement is a legally binding document and can be enforced in the court of law. 
  • The agreement prescribes the rights, responsibilities and liabilities of the owner of the website as well as the visitors of the website.
  • Terms agreed between parties are laid down beforehand to avoid future disputes.

Why The Legal Capsule?

Because we are efficient, correct and we look to achieve client satisfaction.