E-sign Legal Contracts Digitally

Electronic Signatures are legally valid and admissible in the court of law.

The Information Technology Act, 2000 clearly mentions that contracts signed electronically shall not be refused for enforcement and is equally valid as a hand written signature.

What We Offer

The Legal Capsule offers legally compliant e-signature solutions for your documents which makes the entire process of contract management quick, easy and secured.

Our solutions
Virtual Signature

The Virtual signature is an electronic form of your hand written signature without any pen to paper transaction. Typically, to authenticate the virtual sign to be associated with the signatory, The Legal Capsule offers an Audit Trail as a supplement to the Virtual Signature which captures face of the signatory before signing the document electronically. Other features of audit trail include capture of IP address of the device used for signing, location details, etc. The Virtual signature can be used for simple forms and documents like offer letter, internal office documents, etc.


Through the Aadhaar Card, the unique identification number issued by the UIDAI, Government of India to all Indian residents, are permitted to sign Legal Contracts electronically. The Legal Capsule being an Application Service Provider of the Aadhaar e-signature solution, we offer you the bridge to the NSDL portal for e-signing using your Aadhaar Number. The form shall generate an OTP through the User registered mobile number.


Users through a USB token that contains an Individual Identity digital certificate and PIN can sign documents including Legal Contracts digitally. The Certifying authority for Digital Signatures is the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA). The DSC token-based signatures are currently used for tax filings or company form or returns filing. The same is permitted for electronic signatures on legal documents by the Information Technology Act.

Benefits of Electronic Signature Over Physical or Hand Written Signature

 Electronic signatures are widely accepted by laws of the Country

 Secured authentication layers are present for electronic signatures. Hand written signatures can be manipulated easily.

 The time takes for allowing Parties to sign manually on pen to paper takes days to complete a transaction. An electronic signature conveniently allows to complete a Legal Contract within minutes.