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Human resource or HR is a division of a business that is tasked with finding, screening, recruiting, and assigning contracts to employees.

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Hiring a new employee is a taxing job, putting out openings to screening and, finally, contract signing. Our automated services assist HR departments in handling all contracting processes efficiently. The Legal Capsule allows HR departments to create offer letters through hundreds of templates stored in our library. These letters can be customized as per your requirements. The overall contracting procedure sails smoothly and easily using our brilliant platform.


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Always on time for contractual obligations

Hiring and contracting new people is a taxing task, but taking action in advance for contract renewals, terminations, and probation periods is a completely different ball game. With The Legal Capsule, you will no longer need to worry about marking dates on your calendar. Our platform has customized reminders, which can be set up for any events across the lifecycle of a contract. So automation not only makes the processes simple but also keeps the HR department up to date with all contract-related information.

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Access all employee contracts instantly anywhere

The Legal Capsule has a central respiratory where all your employee information and data is stored. The safe online space keeps all the documents sexure while allowing you to access these documents across the globe. Our customized filters and smart search allows you to access a given document at the tip of your finger. Getting all your contracts in one place and having complete access to them makes the overall workflow completely efficient.

What do we offer?

An HR team would previously spend a lot of time on hiring employees and then penning down contracts. Our innovative platform at The Legal Capsule helps in reducing the time and effort taken to onboard employees while ensuring complete visibility on employee records and contract management. The central respiratory of our platform allows you to access all these documents by the tip of your fingers. Try our HR management services and make your hires think of you as a modern employer using our smart digital solution.

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