A totally market driven industry which faces various challenges which ranges from fluctuating market demand, supply chain management issues, to rigid environment and safety regulations.

Furthermore, new technologies and dynamic industrial trends makes it necessary for the Automobile industry for an efficient contract management.

Maintaining increased number of updates and documentation, manual record keeping, generating MIS reports to evaluate the business becomes a tremendously tough task.


TLC’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software helps in designing a better risk and compliance management framework and better customer service models by streamlining all contracting processes.

The platform helps in easily drafting, storing and accessing all the contracts from a virtual central repository.

From using predefined templates for the new contracts and integrating the drafting process as per the varied requirement, it helps in standardizing workflows with multiple reviewers and approvers, as required.

It also tracks each contract comprehensively so to ensure that all quality compliances are being met.