Real Estate


The most significant challenges include efficiently managing thousands of lease contracts and gaining insight into costs, yield, and occupancy, maintaining records of certificates, plans, drawings for easy accessibility and audit trail adds to the already over-burdened in-house counsels.

Real Estate has become much more complex. Not just the dynamic nature of this industry but increase in the tasks have burdened the in-house counsels making it hard for them to manage the departments.


With TLC’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software, in-house counsels can easily keep a regular track of all contracts. One can easily access audit trails for any contract at any time to look for any changes made to a contract. TLC provides features such as collaborate and review documents instantly, E-signatures, Online stamp paper procurement, collect recurring payments through e-NACH system, E-KYC to authenticate ID proof of individuals using AI feature through Govt records.

We at The Legal Capsule work as a B2B model and are here to ensure your company gets only the best-in-class end-to-end solution that makes it easier to create, collaborate, negotiate, sign, store and manage agreements and forms. All on a single platform. Our extensive library of documents and legal resources are here to assist all your legal document needs.