Documentation has never been easy in the legal profession. Be it a contract between an attorney and his client or files related to any case, an average lawyer spends the majority of his time drafting and reviewing documents.

In a lawyer's life, much of the day consists of fielding frequently asked questions, chasing down approvals and signatures, searching for key contract dates or documents, and reviewing the same clause time after time.

This routine set of work not only decreases productivity and increases time consumption but also make a noble profession dull.


TLC’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution reduces these interruptions significantly by providing a platform by standardizing, streamlining, and automating the contract initiation, and execution process through one single platform, document creation, review, negotiation and collaboration, approve documents and E-sign using Aadhaar/ Virtual sign.

This greatly reduces the effort to track down important documents and eliminates the need to create complex taxonomies or naming conventions. Moreover, the same document can be quickly located by different people using different search criteria.

Further, Alerts, Notifications regarding various contracts and the ability to quickly generate regular and automated Reports make the life of the lawyer much easier.