Food and Beverages


The Food & Beverage (F&B) Industry faces various regulatory challenges such as fulfilling compliance requirements of authorities like Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) etc, and strictly adhere to various Environment Protection laws etc

The Food & Beverage Industry is always under the watchful eyes of various authorities’ in every market they operate due to high risks of pesticides, large scale food wastage, cancer causing chemicals etc.

Here, what comes to the rescue of Food & Beverage Industry, is a smart contract lifecycle management solution in order to remain compliant, ensure growth and remain competitive in the market.


With TLC’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Platform, users can easily track contracts and the details thereunder from a secure central repository. Because of the digitized contract management process, the user can easily access the clause library and make changes to the standardized contract as per the need.

This platform eases tedious obstacles such as review and approval cycles and empowers you to complete basic contracting tasks by yourself, within delineated guidelines.

Furthermore, this platform also allows to constantly check thousands of complex contracts against various laws and regulations and one can easily make any changes to such a contract.