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The IT sector is a field that is going through rapid evolution and shaping important business decisions across the world. Digitization due to information technology services intensifies the compliance requirement for the IT sector.

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Contracts are the foundation of a fleet of an organization's relationships with its investors, clients, and companies. IT departments play a critical role in the contracting process of an organization. Contracts play a pivotal role within the institution so, adhering to correct rules and strict guidelines are of utmost importance to get a competitive edge while staying out of unnecessary chaos.


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All contracts in a single place

Digital contracts are a hassle, just like paper contracts where you endlessly go through drives or folders to retrieve your contracts. Our platform at The Legal Capsule allows you to store all your contracts in our centralized respiratory. These contracts can be accessed anytime using our smart filters embedded in our interface.

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A safe haven for contracts

Security plays an important role in the IT department, where cyber-attacks and spoofing are galore. With the Legal Capsule all, your fears of security are completely wiped out of the picture. We use top-of-the-line security, which is periodically updated, ensuring that new bugs and malwares on the internet is dealt with before it becomes a problem. Our security systems are very durable and allow you to access your contracts across the globe. Only authorized personnel can access your contracts.

Automated templates for perfect contracts

Human errors and mistakes are critical factors, which may completely change the dynamics of a contract. Our smart platform has pre-designed templates and clauses stored in our library. These templates will direct you to efficiently draft the best contract for your institution.

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Store E-signatures and other features

The Legal Capsule allows you to go paperless while storing your E-signatures in our database. These signatures allow contract processes to take place quickly. Our customizable templates and state-of-the-art security systems allow a digital revolution to take place in your company.

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