A legal team deals with everything and anything legal in the company. This includes contract reviews, execution compliance, mergers, disputes settlement, litigation, investigations, and so on.

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Control is an important prerequisite of contracts for all in-house legal teams. This coupled with compliance helps in reducing workload. Both these factors play a critical role in providing complete control of your contracts. At The Legal Capsule, we believe in efficiency while providing optimum control of your contract.


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Centralized platform for working efficiently

The Legal Capsule is a centralized platform that stores all your documents and contracts in cloud servers. These servers allow you to track and access all your contracts easily. The centralized respiratory helps in automating workflows while providing new insights and visibility for your resources. The intuitive platform has many features ranging from e-signing, e-stamping, automated process templates, and process approval systems.

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Fast track all legal processes

At The Legal Capsule, we have over a hundred templates in our library that allow contract drafting to simple and easy. Our platform also allows its users to add customized contract draft, which can be finalized within a few minutes. We ensure that you get complete control over your contract utilizing our unique platform.

Reduce capital invested in legal operations

Get your work done in less time, making use of less capital utilizing our unique contract management platform. Your legal team is a business partner waiting for you to get the best out of them. With The Legal Capsule, you can make all your clients ecstatic about faster reviews, compliance, troubleshooting, and any other contractual woe that would stop your business from growing.

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Safe space to store all contracts

The online world is a scary prospective to upload important documents especially contracts. However, at The Legal Capsule, we offer a secure space to upload all your documents. The platform keeps track of people who have access to your contracts. Apart from this, any type of fraud or third-party viewing is not available on our two-factor authenticated platform.

Digitize old legacy records

All historic contracts can be uploaded on our platform easily. These contracts can be later viewed on our smart interface utilizing our customized search filters. Our automated platform allows you to go paperless through our superior data-driven services.

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