Pay Stamp Duty online for your Legal Contracts

The Legal capsule makes stamp duty payment for Contracts easy and simple through its portal.

The Government of India has initiated steps for citizens to pay stamp duty online through the Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited.

Users can pay stamp duty online and print e-Stamp certificate for the following states:

 NCT of Delhi


 Himachal Pradesh

 UT of Ladakh

The Stockholding Corporation has enlisted 23 States from which you can pay online stamp duty and procure the stamp paper.


 Pay stamp duty for your Contracts in minutes

 Tamper proof and legally compliant

The manual process of procuring non-judicial stamp papers is a hassle and cumbersome process. This step itself takes few days’ time to check availability.

The online stamp duty payment from The Legal Capsule portal will enable you to complete Contracts which are legally compliant.