Procurement teams are tasked with obtaining goods or services for your business projects.

Contract management for teams of all sizes

These teams are directly or indirectly affected by purchase time, smart cost reduction solutions that play a critical role in the overall performance of a procurement team. The Legal Capsule is one of its kind contract lifecycle management system that allows users to lay down company guidelines and terms for better procurement services. Our versatile platform aims to reduce the time taken to draft contracts while avoiding bottlenecks that are waiting to halt a seamless workflow.


We strive to make legal simple for Our clients

Efficient procurement management services

The Legal Capsule drastically reduces the risks and dangers procurement processes go through. Our smart AI system allows you to function efficiently while allowing you to focus on purchasing and sourcing your buyers. We ensure that your valuable time is not spent on contract-related tasks. Our range of contractual features and solutions will help you automate your contracting process. Using our unique platform you, can get your contracts signed faster while rapidly increasing your business productivity. The Legal Capsule is a platform for procurement processes to get enhanced efficiency using smart and simple contract management services.

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Enforce rules and guidelines with existing templates

A delayed contract is directly proportional to the time taken to board a party for procurement. The Legal Capsule allows you to draft all your contracts and set your guidelines using pre-existing templates stored in our library. These templates allow you to customize your contracts more efficiently while saving you valuable time. The process invariably helps you in closing deals faster.

Multi-party email workflow

Our contract management service is a unique proposition allowing users to access various resources. The Legal Capsule allows you to connect and share contract information with authorized personnel and work efficiently. Our top-of-the-line security systems keep track of all the people who have accessed the contract to prevent spoofing and fraud.

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Get contractual details at the tip of your fingers

The Legal Capsule allows you to store all your offers, contracts, and documents in one place. Our online respiratory, with its smart search filters allows you to access documents quickly. Using these one-of-a-kind features, you can access all monitor vendor obligations on the go.

Proactive procurement actions

The Legal Capsule is determined to make your contracting process a simple and fun ride. Our flexible platform allows you to set customized reminders for any event across the contract's lifecycle. Our smart reminders will send alerts when a contract is deemed to expire, allowing you to stay ahead in all your actions. Never miss a crucial date again using our smart contract management platform.

Our eccentric platform at The Legal Capsule helps you in navigating risks associated with the supply chain while keeping your costs under control. The quick onboarding process coupled with our efficient leads, allows for swift negotiation with all parties. The Legal Capsule also provides you the ability to track contractual performance and stay ahead of procurement-related actions. To ensure that your procurement teams are not battered by constant reviews and approvals hop on to our agile contract management solution, and we will make your procurement services look smart and simple.

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