A sales team is a department in a company whose primary goal is to meet the sales goal and drive the revenue of a company.

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To achieve optimum performance and functionality sales team must collaborate with other departments such as IT, finance, legal, etc. The collaboration enables the sales team to follow set company rules as well as legal procedures to ensure optimum productivity. In most cases, the customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning teams are not able to connect to the sales team frequently. The result is lower sales and pending contracts leading to lower incoming capital as well as the inability to meet the sales goal. The Legal Capsule is one of its kind contract lifecycle management system that helps in generating contracts and easily connecting your business with all other departments.


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Drive your sales forward through automation

Salesforce management has to follow an automated setup. The automated contract management service reduces the number of unnecessary tasks and directs your resources towards optimizing your sales target. At the Legal Capsule, our automated contract management services allow you to automate and create contracts quickly.

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Quick contract creation and signing

Our automated contract management platform has over hundred templates and documents stored in its library. The templates are devised to help clients draft contracts within a few minutes. Our one-of-a-kind system allows users to upload automated templates and then draft them. The Legal Capsule has pre-set customized structures and user permissions to ensure that you get complete control over your contract.

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Founding stone for excellent customer relations

The Legal Capsule, stores all your contracts and documentation in cloud storage. This allows you to access your contract in any timeframe or place. The secure platform allows you to share contracts within your team while keeping track of the list of people who have accessed it.

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Customized reminders for your contracts

The Legal Capsule has smart reminders. Set up these reminders as per your needs to send automatic alerts to clients and your teams. The service helps get existing customers to renew their contracts in advance and easily.

Save money and resources

Save your precious resources, personnel, and time invested in managing your sales contract. Use The Legal Capsule and see all your results and contract reviewing processes rapidly simplifying using our smart artificial intelligence services.

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Integrate different teams as one

The end-to-end contract management lifecycle at The Legal Capsule allows you to access all teams under one server. This eliminates the risk of pending sales and contract delays that would normally cause unwanted problems. These problems would hinder your ability to meet your targets. Our platform offers 100% transparency and keeps you in the loop of contract status and renewals.

Real-time contract collaboration across the globe

Contract management services are on the front seat of major corporate systems. The Legal Capsule allows you to access, negotiate and manage your contracts across the world. Getting real-time status and turnaround on our platform has been made easy with our email workflow like services.

The advantage of using The Legal Capsule sales contraction management service is that your sales process will rapidly simplify. With time, your sales cycle will improve drastically, which will invariably boost your returns.

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