TheLegalCapsule vs DocuSign - Ultimate Comparison For 2022

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Over the past few decades, the business world has become increasingly globalized.

Companies now routinely work with partners and clients worldwide, and more and more employees are telecommuting from remote locations.

In such a far-flung environment, electronic signatures have become an essential tool for conducting business.

But Which One To Choose?

With a plethora of CLM tools readily available in the market, finding the right E-signature solution could be a daunting task.

With this article, we aim to simplify the process for you by analyzing two of the best platforms - TheLegalCapsule and DocuSign.

We'll evaluate both platforms based on features, security, customer support and use cases to answer one simple question: Which one is better?

Let's get started.

TheLegalCapsule and DocuSign - Introduction

We'll start with a brief overview of both the products before transitioning into further comparison.

TheLegalCapsule Overview

TheLegalCapsule (TLC) is a Goa-based startup that has been making quite a buzz over the past few years.

TLC comes with a unified method to create, collaborate, e-sign, store and manage contracts under one centralized platform. The company specializes in digital signing and contract management solutions for small to midsize enterprises, startups, and freelancers.

Key features that make TLC stand apart include streamlined contract authoring, automated workflow and absolute contract compliance.

The company integrates with all major cloud platforms and has signed more than 10,000 contracts in recent years.

To conclude, TLC and DocuSign stay in play with each other when analyzed through a generic perspective. Let's dive down into individual metrics to analyze both companies further.

DocuSign Overview

Based out of San-Francisco, DocuSign is a cloud-based platform that provides online signature and transactional management services for facilitating contract exchanges and other documents.

DocuSign makes it easier to create templates and workflows, attain reliable online signatures, and access powerful analytics through real-time status reporting and geolocation capture.

DocuSign seamlessly integrates with all major cloud-based platforms, Google-drive, Dropbox and Salesforce, to name a few.

With thousands of verified reviews and a huge user base, DocuSign has crafted a solid image in the E-signature space due to its authenticity and trustworthiness.

Comparison Table

  TheLegalCapsule DocuSign
Pricing Base Plan starts at $49.99 per user per month Starts at $24 per user per month
Free trial Not Available 30 days
Legally binding Yes Yes
Templates Yes Yes
Content Library Yes No
Multiple languages No 11
Integrations Yes Yes
Mass signatures Yes Yes
Auto reminders Yes Yes
In-Person signing Yes Yes
Custom branding Yes Yes
24/7 customer service Offers Free Customer Support for all its customers. Support tickets can be raised via E-mail or Chat window. You have to pay additionally for this feature
Mobile apps Mobile friendly Yes
Integrated payment options Yes Yes


TLC's features mainly focus on streamlining the signature process to cater to the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises. It has excellent integrations and offers complete visibility and an overview of your contracts.

On the other hand, DocuSign drives its full focus toward simplifying the customer experience for large businesses. The company offers completely automated workflows with highly efficient analytics.

Features Offered By TheLegalCapsule -

  • Audit Trail

  • API Integration

  • Application Integration

  • Digitize your documents on auto-pilot mode

  • e-NACH system

  • Automatic reminder for renewal

  • Virtual Company seal

  • Dedicated legal support

  • Contract dispute mediation

  • Audit Log

  • Content repository

  • Drag & Drop

  • Documentation Automation

  • Auto Reminders

  • Signature Workflow

  • Signature History and Audit

Features Offered By DocuSign-

  • Audit Trail

  • Authentication

  • Auto Reminders

  • Bulk Send

  • Company Branding (in professional tiers)

  • Customizable Templates

  • Digital Seals

  • Document Analytics

  • Document Management

  • Custom-built enterprise plans

  • Notifications And Reminders

  • Mobile Signature

  • Multi-Party Signing

  • Task Progress Tracking

  • Two-step Authentication

Many of these features are unique to custom requisites of businesses, and it's not always essential. The one crucial difference between TheLegalCapsule and DocuSign is analytics.

While TheLegalCapsule offers great compatibility and an overall streamlined process, no integrations might make up for the lack of TLC's analytics, which DocuSign certainly has.


TheLegalCapsule and DocuSign follow industry-level security standards on all sub-spectrums of their services, respectively.

Legal validity stays to be of utmost priority to both companies. Both TLC and DocuSign comply with all government regulations of their respective nations to simplify all forms of legalities for their clients.

The Legal Capsule is a ISO 27001 certified company and employs AES 256 Bit encryption system through all it's verticals of operation.

DocuSign holds an upper edge over TLC with its transparent security system. The company outlines all aspects of client information safety in its DocuSign Security brief.

TLC, on the other end, makes it up for transparency by means of strong focus on data encryption and absolute compliance with security protocols.

It'd be fair to conclude that DocuSign and TheLegalCapsule stay on par with each through their diversified excellence in security.

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Use Cases

Since both TLC and DocuSign are popular players in the industry, there isn't a lack of real-time case studies and use cases from successful clients.

TheLegalCapsule, on the other hand, has an enviable client base across the globe with industry leaders from automotive, banking, insurance and healthcare.

Listing successful relationships from prestigious brands such as Bridgestone, HDFC, Morris Garage and many more, you could learn more about their personal experiences either through a document or video form upon contacting them here.

DocuSign boasts over 200 case studies from authentic clients that are pioneers of their respective industries.

Their clients range from quality management to the communications and finance sector and have helped them grow quickly and elevate their business to the greater height of success.

Customer Support

Both companies offer customized plans and pricing options to their seemingly huge user base.

TheLegalCapsule offers 24/7 live chat support for all pricing tiers, with the base price starting at $49.99/User/Month. While enterprise-level plans can be negotiated during Demo sessions, 24/7 email support systems stay active for all customers.

DocuSign offers more support options but at a slower pace. Besides the 24/7 live chat service, DocuSign also offers a ticketing-based service that will usually get responses within the first 24 hours.

While TLC offers equal support options to all their customers regardless of their subscription choices, DocuSign offers advanced options only for clients with upgraded support plans to access a wider array of options.


While both tools are completely on par with each other in terms of all the metrics we've discussed above, it paves the way for our initial question :

Which One Should You Choose?

Although both tools provide an adequate suite of features to eradicate the pain points of manually managing contracts, the right tool will solely depend on your individual needs.

The Legal Capsule - Best For Startups, Freelancers And SMEs

Although slightly more expensive than DocuSign, TLC is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a simplified E-signing solution.

DocuSign - Best for Medium To Large-Sized Companies

Suppose your company needs multiple documents to be signed frequently and already has a wide array of software it already uses. In that case, DocuSign is your best bet to provide value for money.

With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, TLC makes it an ideal tool for small to midsize enterprises to automate their contract management process.

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