The Legal Capsule assists Enterprises to digitise their contracts. The product is an end-to-end solution that makes it easier to create, collaborate, negotiate, sign, store and manage Agreements and forms all on one platform.

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We have handy features for managing your Contracts

The Legal Capsule aims to deliver modern services which can reduce the burden of the user drastically. The Legal Capsule through its user friendly services aims at making legal documentation hassle-free, cost effective and less time consuming. Using pre-drafted, ready to use legal document templates, you can create your own legal documents online within minutes.

Our main features are as follows
  • Document creation-review, negotiation and collaboration.
  • Digitise your documents and push them on auto pilot mode.
  • E-signature using Aadhaar based verification right from your smartphone or PC.
  • Online E-stamp paper procurement.
  • Collect recurring payments through e-NACH system.
  • E-KYC to authenticate ID proof and individual using AI feature through Govt records.

Why should I choose The Legal Capsule?

We handle the contract from its creation; execution up to its expiry. We also provide a system for resolution of disputes which arise from the enforceability of a contract. The Legal Capsule handles all these requirements of a contract hence relieving the user from the burden of doing the same.

Furthermore, The Legal Capsule provides a wide array of services such as:
  • User based customization of documents
  • Automatic reminders for renewal of documents
  • Virtual Rubber stamps
  • White labelling
  • Dedicated legal support
  • E-KYC to authenticate ID proof and individual using AI feature through Govt records.


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How reliable is The Legal Capsule?

The Legal Capsule uses Microsoft Azure Cloud service equipped with 256 bit encryption security making our product very secured. Thus we can confidently say that the privacy of each document is protected to the highest level.

The Legal Capsuleā€™s team of lawyers have moulded the portal in manner to be equipped with the present legal scenario of the country. Additionally we have provided the option for each user to customize the document based upon their specific needs.

The Legal Capsule team is continuously monitoring the industry needs and specifications; we aim to deliver all updated services and products depending upon the current needs of the industry.


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